The Lodge at Koele | Lanai, Hawaii

One of the most beautiful wedding locations in Hawaii is the Lodge at Koele on the Island of Lanai.  Known for its luxurious, laid back setting, Drew, Kyla, their friends, and family were able to enjoy every moment of their spectacular day. For an added touch personal to them, we spent some time filming with the groom & groomsmen as they played a competitive round of golf in the morning. We were also extremely fortunate to capture a few speeches the night before the wedding during an intimate dinner with their guests. It was here that stories and sentiments were shared providing us with amazing narratives for their Same-Day Edit feature. 

Same-Day Edit


The Ihilani Resort | Oahu, Hawaii
Love Story + Same-Day Edit

There is a unique level of appreciation for a couple on their wedding day when you have a better understanding of the journey they took to get there.  The story of Justin & Keiko is no exception.  With highlights of their journey dating as far back as high school, their love story also touches upon the hardships and heartbreaks they faced along the way, and comes to a happy and emotional ending as we transition their love story into their wedding day. This film evolved into something greater than any of us within studio red could have imagined. The video you are about to watch is what we presented to Justin, Keiko, and their guests at the end of their reception program.  Click on “Love Story Feature” to watch their full feature. We’ve also included a link to just their “Same-Day Edit” if you are pressed for time.


Fairmont Orchid | Kohala Coast, Hawaii

While planning for their wedding, Alex and Maylee knew that they wanted a Same-Day Edit feature.  They did a good amount of research and stumbled upon our site and fell in love with our films.

“At the end of the reception, when we saw the Same Day Edit, we were just amazed.  The quality, cinematography and storytelling was simply amazing.  All of our guests loved the recap of the day and wanted to see more!  It was such a great ending to a wonderful day.  We felt like movie stars!”   – Alex & Maylee

Same-Day Edit


Honolulu Museum of Art | Oahu, Hawaii

We believe words really personalize and breathe life into a film.  The vows shared by Sandra and Stewart during their wedding ceremony painted an amazing picture of their love and devotion to each other.  In addition to that, the officiant, a dear friend of theirs penned an amazing message worthy of a theater performance.  All this to say, we were beyond inspired when we began crafting this Same-Day Edit for them. 

Same-Day Edit

“I’ve watched all of Studio Red’s videos and at one point, I was watching them again
and again. I know it sounds a little obsessive, but their work is incredible. I immediately
knew that I wanted to book them when I started to cry while watching one of their
videos. I wanted to evoke that same emotion from our guests. Watching our SDE was
surreal. It was like watching a movie. I still don’t know how they do what they do. What
really sealed the deal was the comments that we received from our guests. One of our
guests said ‘I’ve never seen anything like that. Just amazing.’





Grand Wailea | Maui, Hawaii

We love the reactions we get from people after they watch their full length features. Christina sent us a heart warming message soon after they received their final film letting us know just how much they loved it.  

“Just wanted to say Thank You! I am OBSESSED with the video and have already watched the 22 minute main feature several times! Thanks again for all that you did. It was well worth the wait!”

Here are few clips taken from their finished Main Feature film.


Bacara Resort | Santa Barbara, California

Ramin & Sharon were a blast right from the start. We had the pleasure of meeting them when they were in Hawaii for another wedding we were shooting. From the moment they called us we couldn’t wait to work with them. Their great sense of style and blend of cultures made for a wonderful few days of shooting and allowed us to create a video that was as much fun for us to edit as it was for them to watch!!

Same-Day Edit


The Ritz-Carlton | Dove Mountain, Arizona

James & Diane’s wedding took place at the lovely Ritz Carlton, Dove Mountain in Arizona. Possibly one of the most anticipated moments of the day was during the first look. I think it was most nerve racking for James because, one…he drank too many red bulls that morning, and two, he couldn’t wait to marry his best friend.  This Same-Day Edit feature is just a tiny snapshot of the their wedding.

Same-Day Edit

“Thank you Studio Red for capturing

our special wedding moments in the

most spectacular way ever! We LOVE, LOVE,

LOVE, LOVE our film!”

Ramin & Sharon

“For me, the Same-Day Edit was one surprise I was really

looking forward to and both my husband and I could

not have been happier. I had goose bumps the entire time it

played during our reception and all of our guests couldn’t

stop raving about how good the video was.”


“Thank you Studio Red for using your God-given gifts and talents

to create the most amazing film EVER! Justin and I are so blessed

to have you as our wedding cinematographers but even more

blessed to now have friends like you guys.

We can’t thank you enough.”

Justin & Keiko

“It really is crazy to admit,

but we believe that your easy-going

and lovable company seriously was one

of the best parts of our wedding.”

Derrick & Bernice

“We love our wedding day film and never tire of watching it!

Everything from the shots, to the music, to the story was amazing.

Every time we show the film to our friends they are very

impressed and wish they had a wedding film too!”

Alex & Maylee

““Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing

our special day and creating such an amazing movie! We have

watched it a number of times already and so have our families.

We laughed, we cried, we re-lived the moments

that just flew by so quickly; it was just beautiful! ”

Brian & Cheryl


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